A high performing team cannot exist without the people that make up said team. Effective business leaders understand that in order to maintain a team, they need to take care of their people so they can flourish.

It is already common practice for companies to offer wellness programs for their employees that include gym memberships or reimbursement programs, meditation rooms and access to a licensed therapist.

But did you know that there is something you can offer that helps relieve stress, boost health and increase energy all at the same time – and it can be done from your comfy chair?

The answer is as simple as it is ingenious: BREATHING

This program offers a unique way of helping you find your personalized path to health, wealth, and happiness from a perspective of a business owner or employee.

It takes the best of everything 4x world freediver Stig Severinsen has learnt from yogis, high performers, Navy SEALs, and corporations all over the world and blends it with his own medical background.

The Benefits of Business Breathing™

Less stress and anxietyHigher productivity
More energy and less fatigueFewer days of illness
Improved focus, concentration and memoryIncrease in employee retention
Lower blood pressureMore job satisfaction and happiness
Better sleepLess absenteeism
Boosted immune systemBetter decision-making
Reduction in back and digestive problemsDecrease in work-related accidents and injuries

This course helps me to think clearly, keep calm and get better energy and strengthen positive effectiveness. I recommend this course to your employees and to you. It is a gift in life for your business and employees.

Bettina Egerland

CEO Conscius

Just finished the 3 first courses relax, energize and focus – they are great healthy, short and sweet go-to breaks resetting your mind during the course of your day at the office, before important meetings, and to slow you down after a full packed day.

Anne Krog Iversen

Co-Founder TimeXtender

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